Muc Off Crank Protection Kit

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Crank rub on your pride and joy? Hell no!  

It doesn’t take much to scuff your cranks. Trust us, we know! Cranks are susceptible to constant rubbing as you pedal, especially as you change position on the bike.  

Designed for MTB and EMTBs, our Clear Crank Protection Kits are made from TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) film technology, that creates a smooth and stealthy finish while still being strong and durable.

The kits are stain-resistant, non-yellowing, and self-healing, meaning you simply apply warm water to any light scratches or scuffs, to buff them out of the protective film. 

The two pieces contained within the kits are backed with ultra-strong self-adhesive backing, which means they’re super easy to install and will stay firmly in place whatever the conditions – So you can focus on keeping it pinned!

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